Difference Between Magento vs WordPress for Ecommerce 2022

Magento vs WordPress: Who Wins? Choosing a suitable platform for an online store has never been an easy task for eCommerce business owners. WooCommerce and Magento are great options for you if you are looking for an eCommerce platform that allows you to explore the full potential of your online store and then manage everything … Read more

Quantum Dot OLED gaming monitors aren’t just sci-fi nonsense, they’re the future

QD-OLED, or Quantum Dot Organic Light Emitting Diodes, if you’re feeling fancy, sounds to me like something Spielberg made up for his latest sci-fi installment. But after digging a bit, it actually seems to be one of the more interesting innovations we’ve seen in the gaming monitor space from recent flexible displays aside, of course. … Read more

The Biggest Gaming News For January 2022

They may only be a few days into 2022, but that hasn’t stopped the news from coming thick and fast. Various publishers made several major announcements today, including confirmation that Death Stranding is coming to Steam and the Epic Games Store. We also found out what new games are coming to Xbox Game Pass this … Read more

The Biggest Gaming News For January 6th, 2022

Today was another great day for Sony fans, with stories about several of their biggest franchises. Sales figures for Days Gone were revealed by director Jeff Ross, The Last of Us Part 2: Director’s Cut, and the rumored The Last of Us Remake could arrive before the end of 2022, and Horizon Forbidden West has … Read more

SpaceX satellites’ near-misses fuel US-China tensions

A pair of dangerously close space encounters add to the tensions between the United States and China while underscoring the potential danger to astronauts as satellite constellations and debris proliferate in orbit. Two SpaceX satellites had near misses with China’s space station earlier this year, one of them within 4 kilometers (2.5 miles), in the … Read more

China’s crypto crackdown sparks Thai crypto-mining boom

Bangkok, Thailand – By the time the ax fell on China’s massive cryptocurrency mines, Thai businessman Pongsakorn Tongtaveenan was ready to dive, quickly buying up the redundant computer processors needed to retrieve Bitcoin from the network and send it to the Southeast Asian. Prices are now back at over $ 13,000 for new “miners,” the … Read more

China unveils curbs on foreign IPOs in restricted sectors

China will impose new restrictions on the overseas listing by companies in sectors that are off-limits to foreign investment, a move that could fill a loophole that the country’s tech industry has long used to raise capital in the country. Foreign. Chinese companies in industries that are prohibited from foreign investment should seek an exemption … Read more

With omicron reinfections, are we back to square one of the pandemic?

The omicron variant of SARS-CoV-2 that causes COVID-19 evades natural immunity and immunity to vaccines and is highly transmissible, recent evidence has established. The World Health Organization (WHO) has officially warned of an increase in reinfections. Clinically, now that the susceptible population is back to the same as it was in early 2020, would it … Read more