OIC requests that India cancel unlawful acts in involved Kashmir

Pakistan takes up visa boycott issue with UAE

CFM embraces Pakistan-supported goal on Islamophobia

Islamabad to have next CFM meeting

ISLAMABAD: Amid clashing reports whether the Kash­mir issue was on the plan of an Organization of Islamic Cooperation’s gathering in Niger, the unfamiliar clergymen of the OIC’s part states in a strategic triumph for Pakistan consistently reaffirmed uphold for the Kashmir cause.

In another milestone advancement, the OIC collectively embraced a Pakistan-supported goal encouraging the UN Secretary-General to start a worldwide exchange to counter rising Islamophobia and advance interfaith congruity.

On the respective level, Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi, who drove Pakistan appointment at the 47th meeting of the Council of Foreign Ministers (CFM) in Niamey, Niger, raised the issue of the restriction on visas for Pakistanis as of late forced by the United Arab Emirates with the UAE’s Minister of State for International Cooperation Reem Al Hashimi.

As per subtleties of the Niamey meeting delivered by Pakistan’s Foreign Office on Saturday, the CFM reaffirmed its solid help for the Kashmir cause. The OIC completely dismissed illicit and one-sided activities taken by India on Aug 5 a year ago to change the universally perceived questioned status of the Indian Illegally Occupied Jam­mu and Kashmir and requested India repeal its unlawful advances.

It requested India to drop the issuance from habitation endorsements to non-Kashmiris just as other one-sided and illicit activities, including Jammu and Kashmir Reorganization Order, 2020; Jammu and Kashmir Grant of Domicile Certificate Rules, 2020; Jammu and Kashmir Language, Bill 2020 and alterations to the land ownership laws.

Likewise dismissing arrangements being sought after by the RSS-BJP system, the 57 part nations of the OIC requested that India shun finding a way to modify the segment structure of the contested domain.

The OIC unfamiliar priests censured in the most grounded potential terms basic freedoms infringement executed by Indian occupation powers in held Kashmir and other such occasions of psychological warfare that have been the wellspring of unspeakable languishing over the blameless Kashmiri individuals.

The goal denounced the state-supported psychological oppression and wrongdoings against humankind by Indian occupation powers against the Kashmiri public.

It upbraided extrajudicial killings during counterfeit ‘experiences’ and ‘search-and-cordon’ activities and destruction of houses and private properties as a type of aggregate discipline;.

The consistent goal denounced the reestablished utilization of pellet weapons by Indian occupation powers against blameless regular citizens, censured the badgering of Kashmiri ladies by Indian soldiers, and condemned that India had unfeelingly misused the current Covid-19 emergency to heighten its military crackdown and further development its unlawful occupation.

The gathering invited the visit of the OIC Secretary General’s Special Envoy for Jammu and Kashmir to Pakistan and Azad Jammu and Kashmir from March 2-6, 2020.

India was approached to cling to its worldwide common freedoms commitments and permit the OIC Special Representative on Jammu and Kashmir and the OIC Fact-discovering Mission to visit involved Kashmir and execute suggestions of the two reports of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights on Jammu and Kashmir.

The OIC requested that the worldwide network survey its commitment with India as it was abusing and ignoring the global law, the worldwide helpful law, and global goals.

It stressed that the subject of Kashmir was of most extreme significance for the Ummah.

The OIC perceived that Jammu and Kashmir is the center of debate among Pakistan and India, and its goal fundamental for acknowledgment of the fantasy of harmony in South Asia.

The CFM noticed that the individuals of Jammu and Kashmir are the chief party to the question, and focused on that they should be remembered for any harmony cycle for goal of the debate.

It avowed that any political or discretionary cycle held under unfamiliar occupation can’t be a substitute to the activity of the privilege to self-assurance.

Postponed during the 47th meeting of the CFM, a different goal was drafted with regards to developing occurrences of Islamophobia in different pieces of the world.

The goal communicated worry that Islamophobia, as a contemporary type of bigotry and strict segregation, was on the ascent. It communicated profound worry at the ongoing episodes of defilement of the Holy Quran and republishing of disrespectful exaggerations which hurt assumptions of more than 1.8 billion Muslims around the globe.

The OIC chose to assign March 15 as the “Global Day to Combat Islamophobia” every year. It approved the OIC Permanent Missions in New York to mutually table a goal in the UN General Assembly, calling for the foundation of this day.

The goal asked the OIC part states to put together and uphold different high-permeability occasions focused on viably expanding mindfulness at all levels about controlling Islamophobia and against Muslim disdain.

Talking at the meeting, Foreign Qureshi said that reception of the goal was an impression of the assessments of billions of Muslims who regarded different religions and anticipated comparative regard for Islam and the Prophet (harmony arrive).

In the interim, emphatically reacting to Pakistan’s offer, the CFM meeting chose to have its 48th meeting in Islamabad in 2021.

As the imminent CFM Chair, Pakistan additionally turned into an individual from the six-part OIC Executive Committee for the following three years.

Gatherings with FMs

Unfamiliar Minister Qureshi in his gathering with United Arab Emirates’ Minister of State Reem Al Hashimi raised the issue of the boycott forced by the Arab nation on Pakistanis.

Mr Qureshi, who went through a bustling day in Niamey, holding gatherings with unfamiliar clergymen of certain nations, advised Ms Hashimi of challenges being looked by Pakistani residents concerning the UAE’s prohibition on visas.

Pakistan is among 13 Muslim dominant part nations confronting the restriction on new work and visits visas as of late positioned by the UAE.

Curiously, India is excluded from these nations, and the visa on appearance office is as yet accessible for European nations clarifying that the boycott has little to do with the Covid.

Mr Qureshi underscored the need to address the issue at the most punctual conceivable.

He featured the nearby friendly ties just as individuals to-individuals contacts between the two nations and focused on Pakistan’s responsibility to produce nearer participation with the UAE in assorted fields.

While acknowledging Mr Qureshi’s assertion at the CFM meeting, the Emirati serve praised Pakistan’s drive to propose an OIC goal on battling Islamophobia.

The different sides likewise traded sees on OIC matters and focused on the significance of fortifying it as an assembled and crucial stage for the Ummah.

It was likewise consented to upgrade common trades to convey forward the way toward developing two-sided collaboration.

Mr Qureshi additionally held gatherings with Foreign Minister Kalla Ankouraou of Niger, Minister of State for Foreign Affairs of Somalia Balal Mohamed Osman, Sudanese Foreign Minister Omar Qamaruddin Ismail, and Foreign Minister of Kuwait Dr Ahmad Nasser Al Mohammed Al Sabah.

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