What Is IIS Server (Internet Information Services) And What Is It Used For?

The term IIS server is known as Internet Information Services Server. It is a windows server that is based on the web application. Also, the main purpose of this server is to send the web content over the Internet to the users. In addition, it is essential to know: What is the IIS server? Once you know the definition, it will be easier for you to understand the whole concept.

What is the IIS server?

The IIS server or Internet Information Services (formerly Internet Information Server) is a flexible web server. It belongs to Microsoft, which operates on Windows systems. Serve the requested HTML pages or files.

The web server accepts or takes requests from remote client computers and sends a valid and accurate response. It is an essential function of it that allows a web server to share and deliver the information. This information is provided over LANs (local area networks), including corporate intranets and WANs (wide area networks) that consist of the Internet.

There are numerous forms of the web servers; send information to users. These forms include static web pages that are encoded in HTML through file exchanges. Not only this but also image files, text documents are also part of it.

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How does IIS work?

When the person first heard the term what are Internet information services, numerous questions arose. These questions are like the purpose of IIS, the uses, etc. The most common question is: what is IIS and how does it work?

So here is the list of vital information related to internet information services job criteria.

The IIS job criteria are dependent on the many language and protocol standards. Also, HTML is used to create the elements. These elements include text, image locations, buttons, and so on. The Hypertext Transfer Protocol is also called HTTP. It is an essential communication protocol that is preferred for the exchange of information between web servers and users. (In case you want to know what is Windows Server 2022 ?, this article can help you!)

Also, encrypting communication and adding HTTPS (HTTP over Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)) security uses Transport Layer or SSL security. Files can be transferred via FTP or its secure FTPS variant. The term FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. SMTP supports sending and receiving e-mails, while Network News Transfer Protocol delivers articles on Usenet.
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IIS web server features

The IIS server is a central server that is used by the generalized system. It offers numerous functions, but it is also a fruitful tool for various IT administrators. The primary use of IIS is for hosting ASP.NET state web applications and websites. Other than that, here is the list of IIS features, which helps you clarify the concept of what is IIS server?

1- Authentication

Authentication is an essential feature of the IIS server, which includes several options. These options are Windows, ASP.NET, and Basic authentication. For Windows Active Directory, Windows authentication is fruitful. This is because it allows the user to log into web applications automatically through a domain account.

2- Security

This server also has security features, such as offering, so that SFTP and HTTPS can manage TLS certificates and filter the request. Because of this, users can easily allow and block traffic.

3- Remote Management

The remote management feature allows IIS to be managed through the CLI or PowerShell. Also, user can create script yourself.
These are some of the features that make this webserver versatile and highly configurable. You can easily build a stable, efficient, and flexible Windows IIS server by expanding it.

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IIS works with the Asp.net kernel
The ASP.NET Core framework is classified as the latest generation of ASP. The term ASP is an Active Server Page, which is a server-side scripting engine. It spawns interactive web pages. Also, the web sends the request from the IIS server that delivers the request to the ASP.NET Core application. Also, it starts processing the request and has its response to the IIS server after that again.

Available IIS Versions

Here is the list of numerous available versions of IIS.
First and foremost is IIS 6 or Window Server 2003. It is the oldest version of Internet information services. It added support to IPv6. However, there is not any update related to the previous version.
The IIS7 is a compatible version of IIS with Windows Vista. Moreover, IIS7 enhanced security and offered support measures for the .NET framework.
The next version of IIS is IIS 7.5. This IIS version is available on Windows 7, including the added support to TLS 1.1 and 1.2.
After that, IIS 8 consists of the support for SNL. In addition to that, Windows Web Server 2012 comes with the available support offering, which is available unless 2023.
The IIS 8.5 is generally for Windows 8.1 and has the extra login capabilities and the utility of activating the dynamic site.
The IIS 10 does not only have support for Windows PowerShell 5.0 but also for HTTP / 2.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What Does the Internet Information Services (IIS) Role Do?
It is one of the common questions among users. It is good to know that it makes the server act as a web server.


In the end, this information is all about the What is IIS Server and its working criteria. The essential features make it flexible and popular. You must have an understanding of ports for working with the IIS server. If you need more help check this article out!

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